Firefox Extensions Dilemma: A new WordPress editor and Auto-Save text fields as you type.

I am an instructor at Fountianhead College of Technology. I use Moodle to create lesson plans, labs, etc. I don’t how many times I will fill in a form or long complicated entry only to have it lost when I hit back space or accidentally swipe the touch pad on my laptop. [ -rant- I used to think that the touchpad was a really cool nifty neeto gadget. But it has become more of a nuisance than a help. I guess I could carry around a usb keyboard and mouse but that kinda defeats the purpose of the laptop as a ‘portable’ device dosen’t it? -end rant-]. So I am checking out some Firefox extensions.

  1. Scribefire: It has an auto save feature. It might also work with my (this) WordPress blog. Testing Firefox extensions for WordPress is my other quest, journey, homework assignment, red herring, etc.
  2. Auto Save Document: Which looks like a text editor
  3. AutoSaveTexttoCookie: It can also use documents and shows up as AutoRestoreData in the extensions list
  4. Session Manager: This is a great extension for disaster recovery but hitting the back button is not (technically) a disaster in the classic sense.

I am leaning towards Scribefire as it is replacing Deepest Sender as my WordPress editor of choice. I thought I had that Firefox WordPress extension dilemma beat. Oh well.

The Auto Save Document has not been reviewed and it looks as if it has a overwriting mechanism.

AutoSavetoCookie AutoSaveTexttoCookie has only one review by an unhappy WordPress blogger. Ick.

I will be updating my experience with these extensions as I use them over next couple of weeks in my Twitter feed (see sidebar). Let the blogging begin!