Critical Firefox Extension for Bloggers

I have written a couple of post about blogging extensions I am trying and using to post to this blog. I have been playing with Interclue for other reasons but they have another extension (in beta so you have to create an account and log on to Mozilla Addons) called Lazarus that I can no longer live without.

I have mentioned that I use a learning management system called Moodle for all of the coursework I do. Moodle has templates that all the coursework is done in. A workshop, for example, uses the same form boxes regardless of the number of workshops you make. A workshop is a workshop after all.

I may make 5 or 6 workshops a day. I use some custom HTML formatting when I do a workshop lab outline that is tailored for each different workshop I use. If I switch between them and hit a next button or so then I can possibly loose a good deal of work. Needless to say I have lost a good deal of work, hair, and emptied a number of stress medication bottles when this happens.

This is where Lazarus comes in. Lazarus saves the work I am doing in any one workshop. But it also saves the work I am doing in any number of workshops. When I go back to the form I am working on and right click Lazarus shows a list of forms I have filled so I can choose from the list.

Lose 2 or 3 workshop forms I am working on? No worries Lazarus saves them all. I can choose from the list and bang! there it is.

Unlike the other extensions I have tried Lazarus has no character limit as far as I can tell. I know I have written extensive post and Lazarus has saved all the work. Since I do all of the HTML formatting in the custom HTML text editor I do not know if it will save the custom formatting also. I am not willing to blow up a workshop when I am writing the custom HTML but I am sure I’ll run into a situation that I will soon and I’ll let you know.

I have found the Interclue as handy and a play pretty and I have not run across any must have functionality. Lazarus on the otherhand is an extension that I will never install Firefox without.