Another Firefox Extension I can’t live without

It may be easier to list the Firefox extensions I can live without. It might be a shorter list. Not much shorter, but shorter no less. I might exaggerate a wee bit.

Taboo is another must have. I use To Read Later to keep track of things I’d like to read during a browsing session. On many occasions I have found that I have more web pages I want to review than I have time in a session. I am writing this post at 12:30 in the morning. I have a class at 5:30 in the morning. The 25+ web pages with white papers and in-depth articles are not going to get read by the time I read this post, get any sleep, get ready for class, and teach tomorrow later today.

That is where Taboo comes in and saves the day (er night or whatever the case may be). I just go through all the tabs I have opened and click the Taboo button. Now I have a pictorial graph of all the sites I want to visit, comment on, add as research and write articles about. If I am judicious enough to Taboo those pages and close the tabs I might even help Firefox run better.

I had not intended this blog to be a commentary on Firefox extensions. Firefox has become the central tool of my life. I use it more than I use a word processor. Between ScribeFire and Google Docs I don’t need a word processor or open office or much of anything else. With a couple more extensions and a web connection all I would need a computer for is to power up Firefox.

Well. Ok. I still need Second Life, IMVU, Visio, Wink, Adobe Professional, VMWare workstation, Phrase Express…

Nah, some one needs to write some new Firefox extensions!