Twitter Tips for College Studetns does it again. This time Laura Milligan writes an article on Twitter and 25 tips to using it effectively.

As with all the Web 2.0 articles to date, this one is well written, well researched and timely. This article is rapidly on the heels of the “50 Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Environment in Second Life” that was published on May 17th and “50 Tips and Resources to Implement User Generated Content in Your Library” which was published on May 29th. That was last Tuesday and Thursday in relation to when this post was written and published.

That is rapid fire publishing of some great articles by this bloggers reckoning. If I can get a post out once a week that is halfway decent without 10 or 20 spelling errors and enough grammar errors to make my high school English teacher stroke out then I have done something. Upon reflection, if I can do better than that I have moved mountains, walked on water and changed lead in to gold with a snap of my fingers that week.

The author changes with each post and that might explain how they manage it. I am still amazed.

Read Laura Milligan’s article “25 Twitter Tips for College Students” write a comment on her article and let her know what you think. Then come back here write a comment on this article and let me know what you think about her article.