Chasing After the Wind:

If you want to really feel inadequate or at least waste your day then head over to and try to keep up with the new links as they are posted in real time. The Web 2.0 tag is very popular at right now. I have spent several hours just looking up the ones I felt were either interesting or relevant to this blog. I put the Web2.0 RSS feed into my desktop RSS reader (FeedReader) and away I went!

Feedreader updated about every 5 minutes with 20+ links tagged web2.0. Many were informative and helpful. Too many. I spent most of my day bookmarking and tagging the best sites in Diigo. I added over 40 sites in the span of 4 hours.

I like to annotate and put some thoughts into the tags I use and I prefer not to duplicate tags. I do not like add a bookmark without some kind of useful comment and some key words. As it came time to prepare for class it was obvious that I had to bookmark them or lose them. So I tagged them as best I could, marked them to read later, tagged as best I could and committed to editing the tags later. I’ll edit them as soon as I get some free time :-).

The sites tagged Web2.0 in pretty much hit the mark with little “echo” effect. I did run into a bit of junk as I browsed through the feed suvhbut you have to expect that kind of thing when following such a popular tag. You can see some of the links I have tagged web2.0 and others I tagged learning2.0.

I need to find a way to have have these tags surveyed, reviewed, and polled. I would like to know what you think about how relevant or effective these tools are for helping the digital learner. So how do I publish these links so that you can vote them up or down? What Web2.0 tools are out there for this task?