Getting back to basics.

I have meandered a bit from what I wanted to accomplish with this blog. It has gone from research into the tools of the digital learner to an comment feed on Web 2.0. A vast sea of online resources dedicate themselves to evaluating, monitoring and tracking Web 2.0 tools. My comments in the realm of Web 2.0 gadgets only raises the noise level in the echo chamber. It’s time to refocus; get back on track; stick to the golden path.

I believe I have something unique to contribute to the blogoshere by focusing on Digital Learners. The digital learner uses Web 2.0 tools to develop a digital persona. Digital persona development is a narcissistic endeavor. It can be no other way.

Social meida is the play ground of the digital learner. It is also the source of their existential angst. The digital learner is constantly managing his digital persona. Every new friend request on MySpace or Facebook is a request to redefine himself. The act of tagging bookmarks requires him to examine his language and cognisense of reality in the presence of his peers. He is bombarded with self-redefining acts at every moment.

The number of social networks themselves ipso facto cater to the narcissistic needs of the digital persona. Identification with a large community of like minds, thus re-enforcement of their beliefs, feed the ego and polish the mirror. The digital learner participates in community with instantaneous gratification. Mouse click “likes” and acceptance of “friend request” add meaning and importance to the persona.

The idenity of the digital learner is always in flux. It is defendant on the ebb and flow of the social network(s) to which they belong. Each change and request redefines the digital persona. The digital learner is always in the process of recreating the self.

I am aware that these topics are not to clear and a bit disorganized. This is what I want to focus on. It is the goal of this blog to sort these things out. So I am cleaning up this site to keep me from being distracted.

The Digital Learners book I am writing has moved to QuillPill as it will be easier to write there. I have moved my Links, Lifestream and Idle Ramblings to Tumblr blogs. The class information for the courses I teach at Fountainhead College of Technology have moved to the Microsoft Networking at Fountainhead College course blog.