Remember The Milk

I have always been a fan of Getting Things Done (GTD). My favorite implementation comes from zenhabits. Everyone knows that organization is key and keeping things simple is essential.

A note to those who don’t know: GTD is worth getting to know. It isn’t a quick fix. It is a long term commitment.

Having said all of that I like to play with tools that are associated with the movement. Some of my favorites are the GTD inbox for GMail Firefox extension, iwantsandy, Digsby and twitter among others.

I have fiddled around with Remember the Milk some time ago. It has many advantages including integration with Google Calendar. Now there is a Remember the Milk Tool for the desktop and this appeals to me.

One of the chronic issues I have with GTD is reminders for task. GTD frowns on additions to the calendar. The calendar should be sacred ground. The calendar should be reserved for calendar things like anniversaries, meetings and the like. Goals should be reserved for project management of which there are many.

The Remember the Milk Tool sends desktop alerts to keep you on track. I can do similar things with Digsby by using either GTD inbox for GMail or iwantsandy for example.

It is a preference thing. If you are looking for which tool works best to ensure things like homework and other task are kept up to date. Remember the Milk and the Remember the Milk Tool are worth considering.