(This post has since been edited and revised)

I have just set up a account and this is the first post I have made using the service.

One of the things that I have always intended to do was to find a tool that the digital learner could use to stay on top of all of their accounts. Tools like (, ( and other lifestreaming products only aggregate feeds from other services.

Twitter and other microblogging services, of which there is a gowning list, are tools to create the content that is aggregated by lifestreaming services.

friendfeed is a tool that both aggregates and creates content. It aggregates the content from other services and you can post directly to the firendfeed stream. It is like a aggregation with a social network spin on it. Many in the firendfeed community are jumping off the twitter wagon and are using firendfeed instead.

Friendfeeds limitation is that it only allows you to post to the friendfeed community. However some tools are beginning to evolve to add content to all the content generating services that a digital learner may use. is one of them.

socialthing also can post to multiple services. It has a smaller set of services than as of this writing.

My understanding of why there is not a plethora of tools out there that post to all of these services is the API (Application Programming Interface) of all of these services are so different or not available at all that it takes some serious chutspah to get the job rolling. Getting that kind of job rolling will take a good deal of money. Typically the digital learner is either broke, stingy or both. So they are not the kind to fund the endeavor. So funding for the massive project will have to come from somewhere else. Venture capitalist and advertisers come to mind.

The good news is that works. I have since learned that one must be careful with the thing lest I twitter all over my blog(s).