I would like to recommend vi.sualize.us but I can’t

Vi.sualize.us is a photo bookmarking service. I don’t have as many photos to publish (via flickr.com) as much as I have photos I have found. If I have found a picture on the web I want to share I can either use the vi.sualize.us bookmarklet or Firefox extension and point friends and students there.

Unfortunately the site is relatively new and the “safe filter” isn’t quite up to snuff. Even so the “nude” tag is always on the front page. Finding similar material on flickr is more difficult and 72photos even more so. I believe the nature of the site and the ease of the tools to just point and click make it more susceptible to this kind of abuse. I don’t have numbers or statistics to show it. Just my best guess.

It is a shame really. The same reasons it is abused are the same reasons I like the service. It is so easy to pick out pictures on the web and point my students towards them. I have sidestepped this a bit by using their embedded widget but the trouble is still a link away.

The internet is full of crap and I would be naive to think my students avoid it. I just can’t recommend vi.sualize.us. I can’t use flickr either. I am still searching for a solution.