Links and Things: Firefox

Calling Firefox a web browser is like calling a Swiss Army Knife a knife. Yeah, a Swiss Army Knife is a knife but a butter knife just doesn’t hold a candle. Comparing Firefox to Internet Explorer is a similar comparison. You can surf the web with Firefox just like you do with Internet Explorer but that is like using a Swiss Army Knife to put butter on a piece of bread. Sure you can do that but you can also do so much more.

Firefox is superior to Internet Explorer in several ways.  From the Firefox Website:

Firefox is no longer a web browser for me. It is my internet toolkit. With the exception of VMWare Workstation I could do away with every other program on my computer and use Firefox instead. I can use ThinkFree and Google Docs for any word processing I need to do. I can use many of the addons for Firefox for monitoring my email, social networks and just about everything else.

If you haven’t tried Firefox you are missing out.

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