Links and Things: ThinkFree Web Office Better than Google Docs? 

ThinkFree is a web office suite. It is a fully featured office suite. It has the big three: ThinkFree Office 3 Write (read Microsoft Word), ThinkFree Office 3 Calc (read Microsoft Excel), and ThinkFree Office 3 Show (Read PowerPoint). ThinkFree offers collaborative features, a workspace for team projects, and “Note” which is a blog web-based editor.

From the website:

Online Service

My Office (Free)
Enjoy instant access to your files, and share them with colleagues and friends anytime, anywhere. Documents editing is fundamental.


Collaboration with team members or friends is made simple with your managed workspace.

Web Word “Note”
Edit Documents and post to blogs with the use of a powerful web-based editor

ThinkFree for iPhone
View all documents from your iPhone or wireless device, whenever you want.

ThinkFree has an offline function like Google Gears so documents can be edited offline. ThinkFree also has features that are sorely lacking in Google Docs,

  1. ThinkFree reads the new Office 2007 document format (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) natively. Whew. ThinkFree is Faster and better than the “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats” tool. The Comaptibility pack takes up 27.5 MB and requeres every Microsoft Office 2007 security patch and update that the full suite uses.
  2. ThinkFree has prettier formatting. One of the knocks agaist Google Docs is the lack of formatting features. ThinkFree Office 3 Write looks almost exactly like Microsoft Word 2000. I have heard many complaints about the new interface for Microsoft Office 2007. The free office download has an advertising sidebar that doesn’t take up much real estate. At $50 it is worth it to pay for the full version.
  3. The ThinkFree tools like Workspace and Note features are bundled together. Offline document editing and synchronization and premium features like ThinkFree Server Standard all work together. Google has Google Sites which is more like SharePoint than a Microsoft Project and Team Collaboration site.

ThinkFree is number 3 of the list of web office suites behind Google Docs and Zoho Office. I find ThinkFree easier to use and it is luring me away from Google Docs. Give ThinkFree a try. I think you will find that it is worth it.

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