Online Storage done right: 50GB Storage:… 

Online Storage done right:
50GB Storage: ADrive –
25GB Storage: Windows Skydrive –

One desktop tool to manage it all: Gladinet Cloud Desktop –

I have had a ADrive and a Windows Skydrive for over a year. I didn’t care for the web interface. It was cumbersome and counter-intuitive. Glidinet Cloud Desktop makes managing these online storage accounts as simple as drag-and-drop to a shared folder.

The free version has numerous features. I like setting up ThinkFree as default reading tools for managing documents, presentations and spreadsheets. You can set up gmail, google calendar, picasa, and others as applications for Gladinet Cloud Desktop to use. Great stuff.

Look it up. Try it out. Give it a week. I think you’ll find online storage useful or more useful that you ever used it for before.