Bookmarklets are bits of javascript bookmarks that provide some of the same functionality of extensions.

GMail This
This bookmark clips the current page into a gmail

Share to Friendfeed
Shares the page to friendfeed

Add to monitored comments and conversations. See CoComment

Clip to
Add to favorites

Clip to Newsvine
Add to Newsvine feed.

Share on Facebook
Share to Facebook

Digg it
Add to Digg

Microsoft Expression Social Bookmarklet
Add to Microsoft’s Social Bookmark service:

Shorten Link @
Short urls with analytics:

Clip to Evernote
Add to Evernote Notebook:

Google Notebook

  1. Drag this bookmarklet –> GNote <– to the bookmark toolbar.
  2. Right click on this bookmarklet
  3. Click properties
  4. Check “Load this bookmark in the sidebar”
  5. Click Save changes